Boardroom (2013)

Multi-media installation. Montreal, QC.

At Concordia University, Montreal, QC, CEO became a table and boardroom.  In this iteration of CEO, her physical body was theoretically transformed into non-human objects. The costume was present but a performer was not. The table was made of okoumé wood. Brass plates, ashtrays, bells and a weigh scale were arranged inside the boardroom. Cigar butts filled the ashtrays and their odour permeated the space. The walls of the room were made of pine wood and screwed with 5” brass screws that protruded on the outside.  A soundtrack featuring Amy Horvey on hunting horn and vocals by Kendall Green was digitally printed on a cherry wood lp and played on a standard turntable placed on the floor at one end of the room, amplified with external speakers. Food remnants were left on an oil drum in the corner. A fullsize mirror leaned against one wall.