Princess Agnus Dei

Princess Agnus Dei (2015)

Performance, installation, multi-media production. Tour de Lévis, Montreal, QC.

Princess Agnus Dei (PAD) was the graduating performance exhibition for my MFA degree. It was set in a converted water tower on Île Ste. Hélène, Parc Jean Drapeau, Montreal, QC. The performance of PAD included seven performing artists:  Eva Kolarova  (Lead Dancer), Yvonne Chartrand (Métis Jigger), Emilie Monnet (Vocalist), Marie-Lys Trudel (Violin), Milan Sumas (Clarinet), Julie Migner-Laurin (Piano), and Solo Fugère (Mime). An original score was composed by Ralph Denzer. Hammock, the installation that accompanies the Princess persona,was suspended from the ceiling of the tower.